Term insurance is always cost-effective with a low premium. Usually, term insurance will be chosen for a particular period. During the period if the life insured passed away the coverage amount i.e. the sum assured paid the beneficiary i.e. nominee.

Critical illness is one of the most important benefits and it will protect the many families or individual’s financially. Due to diagnosed any out of below listed critical illness, this benefit will be paid in full lump sum amount irrespective the cost of the hospitalization.
This the benefit can claim form anywhere in the world or the policy owner can get treatment any hospital irrespective of the country.

In these times of economic slowdown and uncertainties, here is a magic plan from LIC International, UAE (Foreign Subsidiary of LIC of India), which offers:

When You buying Term insurance, its most important to choose the best Term Insurance
In a very simple way, Term Insurance plan is to provide life Cover for a particular chosen period. In case during the period of the plan if the policy owner's death the Sum assured will be paid to the nominee.

Generally, many of them feeling it my cover or not, since this Virus is new, it was not existing previously in the world,
So the answer is YES, your policy is covered, which means as life insurance company objective to protect from unfortunate events happen, since majority of the families are depend on the income, so all the insurance companies in UAE covering the COVID-19,