MetLife – Investor AdvantageReview| Financial Planning in UAE,

When you have specific goal for investments for child higher education, Best plans are avail under MetLife - Investor advantage and Zurich Vista
Retirement and pension plan: Best plans are avail under MetLife - Investor advantage and Zurich Vista

About MetLife:  MetLife founded in 1868, it has operation worldwide more than 40 countries and hold biggest market position in United states, Japan, etc.
MetLife is pioneer of life insurance with presence of nearly 65 years in the Gulf. MetLife offers Life, Accident, health, Savings & Investment products to individuals and Corporations.
Review about MetLife – Investor Advantage: it’s basically a
Short -Term investment for Long-Term growth, this plan has very choice and flexibility as you want. It gives you the opportunity to invest in a wide range of worldwide with different investment funds and portfolios. Ideally if have lump sum investment, this plan will suit for you.

There are 3 different Investment strategy available under this plan, you can switch the funds online.

    1. The conservative strategy:  Under this strategy capital preservation with capital appreciation with low risk and low returns,  
    2. The balanced strategy: Basically under this option where medium risk with return are moderate. You can better return than  conservative funds.
    3. The aggressive strategy:  Those who are really looking for higher returns with high risk, this option is idle for them. Usually the returns are very high in long-term investment. So the higher the risk you take the higher the reward you get.
You can invest in to globally variety of markets with multiple asset classes, such as: US equities, Bonds, Pacific Equities, Global bonds, Global equities.

Plan Summary:

Age entry

 1 month to  Maximum at Entry : 85 Years

Maturity Age

95 Years

Investment contribution period

12 months, 24 months 36 months or 48 months

Plan currency


Premium payment mode

Monthly or Annually

Minimum annual premium

12 months: USD30,000,    24 months: USD15,000

36 months: USD12,000     48 months: USD12,000

Maximum Annual Premium


Death Cover

Loss of life benefit 101% of account value

Payout options

Lump-sum  or Annuity


This policy provides you with Free:
Second Medical opinion:  You will free second medical opinion, if diagnosed with a critical illness.
Medical discounts: The medical discount card help to up to 30% discounts at specific medical providers in the UAE, including optical and dental treatments, the list of medical provide and Medical card will be issued along with the policy document.

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