Due to COVID-19 – Does my life insurance policy cover the coronavirus?

Generally, many of them feeling it my cover or not, since this Virus is new, it was not existing previously in the world,
So the answer is YES, your policy is covered, which means as life insurance company objective to protect from unfortunate events happen, since majority of the families are depend on the income, so all the insurance companies in UAE covering the COVID-19, Choose Best term insurance plan in UAE,

    • What will happen if a person passes away due to Covid-19? Yes, life insurance cover amount will be paid to the beneficiary.  If he was taken policy 3 months before.
    • Does the COVID-19 is covered the critical illness benefits? Yes, it is covered subject to the policy when he was taking the policy. If it is more than 90- days its covered
    • During the this pandemic COVID -19 situation, if we buy policy does the covid-19 is covered? YES, it is covered, the policy owner must declare his health status and travel history.
    • Does my existing policy cover the COVID-19? Yes, it covered.

What are all the situation the claims will be paid, if passed away due to coronavirus?

    • Client should pay the regular premium.
    • Make sure your policy is always in force – active.
    • While taking the policy, life insured person should disclose all his personal health related information.

In which are the cases life insurance policy claims will be rejected or declined?

    • Generally, most of the case, non-disclosure while taking the policy.
    • Sometime wrong sale by the advisor – due to lack of knowledge by the life insured not paid the premiums on time.
    • In case your policy lapses.
    • If the life insured involved direct any kind of riots. Involved directly or directly

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