What do you need to know about the Live Life Term Insurance Policy?

Life is full of uncertainties and even the next second is not guaranteed to go our way. We can always be cautious and yet something might be lurking around the corner and pull the floor from our feet. In the wake of unstable situations, it is always important to protect ourselves from those volatile circumstances. There are certain ways to do it.

A Term Insurance Plan would provide the cover needed for a family. Basically, a term life insurance pays the benefit—as agreed and specified in the insurance plan—to an insured’s family after the insured has passed away. This plan may have various term duration, payout methods, and other terms. It is very essential to choose the best plan based upon the requirements of the family. The insurance policy must not be considered as an additional burden along with the rest of the commitments. They are also crucial investments that protect your life from uncertainties.

What is the Live Life Term Insurance policy?

The live life term insurance policy is considered to be one of the best Metlife Insurance In Dubai which is designed specifically with the end consumer in mind. It provides essential coverage to an insured’s family along with additional benefits at the demise of the insured. This policy would also help in ensuring the safety of the business and key employees in your business.

How does the plan function?

Every term life insurance policy work in a similar manner with differences in their benefits or the terms of the payout. Basically, when a person approaches a company to buy a policy, the premium is determined by the company based upon the amount of the policy, the policyholder’s age, and their current health status.

In the Live Life policy, the insured can select from two different options.

Level-Benefit – In this plan, the policyholder’s coverage amount remains fixed and does not change till the termination of the policy

Decreasing Benefit – The coverage amount decreases at an agreed rate of amortization every year

Typically, the next step would be the decision of the policy amount. You must choose the coverage based upon the requirements of your family. Factor in your current age, your current salary, and the future increments you may get. Assess all these elements with tenure in mind. It will provide you with an estimated coverage amount you would require in order to ensure the well-being of your family. Getting the help of a professional to do Financial Planning In Dubai would prove beneficial to allocate suitable funds for the insurance.  

Then you might need to choose the appropriate premium payment option and the term with the estimated amount arrived in the previous stage. There are three payment options available to the policyholder:

  • Regular Pay – The insured must pay the premium every year
  • Limited Pay – The premium are paid for 50% of the term
  • Single Pay – A one-time premium payment towards the policy term

What does the plan offer you?

The Live Life term plan provides you a substantial amount of cover at a low cost. This plan also offers you a choice to pick the currency suitable for you. You can also upgrade the plan with optional benefits. A special feature that this policy has is its worldwide cover which makes it one of the best Best Insurance In Uae. 

‘Now’ is always the right time to make crucial decisions to protect your family. Choose from a wide range of term life insurance policies and make that investment to ensure the well-being of your family.




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