What is the best Advantage of Zurich Futura – Review

Zurich Futura policy is a whole of life insurance policy, Worldwide cover and it will provide the life cover and Critical Illness Cover up to the age of 95 Years.
What is Good about Futura?
Futura is a whole of life insurance plan, those who really looking for long term cover more than 20 years and looking for with savings, then this plan is an ideal plan for them. Usually the term insurance plan is very low cost and it will cover only for a certain period of time and without cash value.
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What is the entry age of Futura?
Minimum age at entry is 18 Years to a maximum of 74 years.
Policy options:
1. Single life only: Which means only the life insured will be covered and in case of the insured person dies the death benefit paid to the nominee.
2. Joint life first death: If the husband and wife looking for cover and if they opted for this option, in case if anyone of them dies immediately the policy will be closed and the death benefit paid the family.
3. Joint life both death: Most of the couples opted for this option, the reason is Under this option in case if anyone of them died, still, the policy will continue and the second life cover still cover continues, which means the policy will not stop
So, ideally both death benefits paid to the beneficiaries
4. Joint life last death: If husband and wife opted for this option, the death benefit amount will be paid only when the last life insured dies. Then the policy will be closed.
Compulsory benefits: if you want to buy this plan then the following benefits are compulsory.
· Life cover: Easy to understand, if the life insured person died, the death benefit amount paid to the nominee.
· Free Terminal Illness: In a simple manner, If the life insured person going to die within 12 months then the life cover will be paid in advance. This means when the life insured seriously ill and will come to know he can’t survivor more than one year then this benefit will be paid.
· Free Areoplane cover: We would pay a lump sum in addition to the life cover amount (up to a maximum of USD1 million), in the event, that the life insured dies while traveling as a fare-paying passenger on a commercial airline.
· Free Medical second opinion service (including your family): When you are facing a critical medical decision – whether an important health question or a serious diagnosis – getting it right is everything. We connect you to thousands of world-renowned medical experts. As a result, you are sure to have the right information, the right diagnosis, and the right treatment.
Plan Summary:

Age entry 18 Years to 74 Years
Plan term The Whole of Life Plan
Premium paying term Optional 7yrs to 35Years
Plan currency USD, GBP, EUR,AED
Premium payment mode Monthly /Quarterly/Half-yearly/Annually
Minimum premium USD150 Monthly /USD450Qrtly/USD900 Half-yearly /USD1800 Yearly
Single premium USD15,000

Additional flexibility about Futura:
o Benefits can be Increased or decreased during the policy term.
o Loyalty Bonus will be paid from the tenth anniversary and each year thereafter, 0.5% additional added on the policy value.
o Partial withdrawal is available after a certain period when there will enough fund value in the policy.
o Easy access online at anytime, anywhere
o In the future, if you want to ad your spouse as a second life you can add anytime during the policy term. Under the same plan.
o Total 35 Critical illness Covered Including Child Critical illness cover i.e. up to 3 children are covered up to their age of 18 years at a FREE of cost as a complimentary benefit.
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  • Regular premium Charges:
  •            First 24 months – Nil     allocation premium 100% Charge

                From 25TH month to 120 months 7% charges.
From 121st month on words 2% Charges.
2. Single premium Payment Charges: Initial 16% one-time      Charge
3. Policy Admin Charges: USD7.5 Monthly charge

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