Benefits of Life Insurance?

It will provide financial security for your loved once
· Provide financial security for your family and for the future of your dependents of their education as well.
· In the event of unfortunate of death, if any debts in the family such as Outstanding loans, unpaid mortgage loans, all kinds of debts will clear. The whole family will have Pease of mind.
· It will take care of family future regular lifestyle expenses.
· It will take of health expenses due to critical illness
· Income replacement
· You can also save money regularly and get the insurance cover also.
All life insurance plans have the major covers such as
Life cover,
Critical illness,
permanent total disability
Different riders are available with different plans with different insurance companies, it’s always more important to meet the financial expert and discusses the plans in detail.
What are the 3 Types of Life Insurance policies?

What is Term Insurance policy: Term insurance policy is a simple and purest form of life insurance, that provides insurance coverage for a certain period of years or a chosen period term i.e. number of years. It will provide financial security to your family at a most affordable rate, you can get a large amount of life insurance cover with lower premium. The life cover amount paid to the beneficiary in case of the death of the insured person. Usually, term insurance plans staring from 5 Years to 35 years and even more depending on the insurance company. In terms of insurance plans there will be no cash value, which means as long as you pay the life cover will continue. Zurich International Term Assurance plan is one of the best term insurance plans in the UAE.
For more details, Click on Best Term insurance in UAE,
What is Whole of life Insurance policy:  it provides life insurance cover for the whole of life of an insured person, both life insurance and critical illness cover. If a life insured person dies at any year during his lifetime, the benefit amount paid to the nominee, whereas in term insurance policy the benefit amount will be paid only during the term of the policy if the insured person dies. In whole life insurance plans where the investment option available with different globally different funds with different asset classes. One of the best whole of life insurance plans in Dubai is Zurich insurance in Dubai – Zurich future policy.

What is Endowment life insurance policy: Ideally those who are looking for life cover along with targeted guaranteed or non-guaranteed on maturity amount. Endowment policies are starting from 5years, ten years and even a maximum of 25years also depends on the age of the insured person. usually where you regularly pay the premium over a period and you can get the maturity amount. If unfortunate of death happened the sum assured paid to the beneficiaries. There are different types of endowment plans are available,
LIC International Is offering the best endowment policies in the UAE.

What is different life Are insurance plans available in the UAE?


Zurich insurance

·      Zurich Futura – Whole of life insurance policy

·      International Term Assurance plan(ITA)

·      International Decreasing Term Assurance (IDTA)


MetLife ·      MetLife Future protect – Whole life insurance policy

·      Live life – Term Insurance

·      Decreasing Term policy

FPI Insurance ·      International protect Middle East (IPME)

(Term insurance plan)

Salama ·      Hemaya Plus – Term Insurance plan

·      Hyat plus – Whole of life insurance plan

Orient Insurance ·      Life secure – Term Insurance plan

·      Future Invest – Whole of life insurance policy

LIC International ·      Pure Term Assurance Plan

·      Renewable Term Assurance


· It’s always most important, to do your personal financial planning in UAE, so that you will have completely understand the Best life insurance in UAE, then you can start the journey to reach your goals and objective.

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