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About Zurich

Zurich middle east is a part of Zurich international life insurance group, which is the one of the world largest insurance company in the world and 140 years old company, operating worldwide 214 countries. More than 55,000 employees working world wide, the only one insurance company Zurich insurance provides in UAE, customers can buy insurance online Easy for life – which covers only in middle east. Zurich Futura is top most selling product in Middle east,
Zurich Term InsuranceInternational term insurance also on of the
Best term insurance in Dubai


Zurich insurance provide best class products and services, Zurich life insurance awarded as Mena Insurance Review award 2019 as best overall insurance in Insurance Industry in the Middle east, last 5 years in a row awarded as best life insurer of the year award,
Zurich International Life Insurance provides various best class products
Personal Solutions: Zurich insurance provide different options available

    • Single life – In case if the policy owner opted under this option, if the insured person passed away, the sum assured paid the beneficiary and policy will be closed.
    • Joint life both death- Which means its cover both the lives i.e. husband and wife policy continue until
    • Joint life first death – In this case as soon as the first person death occurs, the policy closed and the sum insured amount paid the beneficiary – only one life covers claim payable
    • Joint life last death –  only one life cover claim payable, in this case policy continue until the last death of the person under the policy i.e. as soon as the last person passed away the insured amount payable.
    • Life and critical illness insurance
    • Zurich Futura- Whole of life insurance plan it provides more benefits. Life insurance cover and critical illness cover up to age of 95 years
    • Zurich critical illness plan have 35 critical illness cover whole of life internationally.
Additional riders also available under this plan
    • Permanent total disability
    • Dismemberment
    • Waiver of premium
    • Family income benefit
    • Additional accidental death benefit
    • Get More details of these benefits. 
    • Term Insurance – International term Assurance – It’s very simple, you can choose the life cover for a particulate period from 5years to 35years maximum,
    • There will be no cash value, it’s just like insuring a car or insuring House, if you pay premium it will cover for that particular period, mainly term insurance will be taken for personal as well as business protection loans or mortgage
    • As long as you pay the benefits under the plan will continues, Term insurance plane provides cover internationally.
    • Decreasing Term assurance: This kind of plane will be chosen by mostly those who buying home under finance by the bank as mortgage purpose, in simple term the loan amount reduces and the cover amount also reduces year on year at certain percentage.
    • Savings and Investment
    • Zurich vista –Child Education and Retirement plan
    • Wealth accumulation plan o Single Investment plan
Business Solutions:
    • Key man Insurance: Protect the key person of the business
    • Founder
    • Chairman
    • CEO
    • Managing director
    • Direct
    • Any other key person
    • Business loan protection 
    • Usually if a company has taken out a loan form the Bank, suddenly if the founder or managing director passed away, the bank will recall the company to pay back the loan, during this case the insured amount help Handel the situation better.
    • Partnership Insurance: while both the partners are running the company, both of them have shareholding in the company, in case if a partner unfortunate of dies, critically illness or permanently disability,
    • This policy will support to the business and for the deceased partner’s family as well.